Our Specialties

Cotoneaster ignavus - Szechuan Fire Cotoneaster

Ht: 6-8 ft. Width: 4-6 ft.

An extremely hardy cotoneaster with dark red 1/4" fruit. The leaves are heavily pubescent, giving them a blue cast. Yellow fall color. Selected from the USDA Experimental Station in Cheyenne, WY and a favorite of Gene Howard who was superintendent of the station for many years. Full sun.

Zone 2

Cotoneaster racemiflora soongorica - Sungari Rockspray Cotoneaster

Ht: 6-9 ft. Width: 6-9 ft.

From the Cheyenne Station comes a red fruited hedge plant as hardy as Peking cotoneaster. Hanging racemes of white flowers in spring are very showy. Originally found near the Sungari River in China by Ernest Wilson. Gene Howard, last curator of the Cheyenne Research Station, requested our propagator, Scott Skogerboe, to grow this plant. In Gene's honor, we are growing this extremely hardy and exceptionally stunning red-fruited cotoneaster. Full sun.

Zone 3

Juniperus scopulorum 'Woodward' - Woodward Juniper

Height: 12-20 ft. Width: 2-4 ft.

A selection made at the Cheyenne Experimental Station that has never been widely available in the trade. Very columnar, but unlike many forms does not exhibit the typical muti-leader type growth indicative of columnar forms of juniper. Branches tend to develop witches' broom-type growth. Full sun.


Zone 3

Lonicera korolkowii - Cheyenne Pink Velvet™ Honeysuckle

Ht: 8-10 ft. Width: 8-12 ft.

A seedling 'accidentally' found while we were collecting cuttings of BLUE VELVET® at the Cheyenne Station blooms with very profuse medium pink flowers in the spring. An added bonus to this honeysuckle is that it is resistant to the witches' broom aphid. This excellent plant was originally referred to as 'Brand X' but is far superior to the normal generic brands. Full sun.

Zone 3

Potentilla fruticosa var. 'davurica' - Prairie Snow™ Potentilla

Ht: 1-2 ft. Width: 3-6 ft.

The parent plant is located at the USDA Experimental Station in Cheyenne and is around fifty years old standing about 2' tall and 6' wide. When in bloom, it is a striking cloud of white flowers. This plant is tough and long lived. Bright green foliage gives it a lush look even out of bloom, making it one of the best white potentillas. Full sun. Zone 2.

Potentilla fruticosa var. 'purdomnii' - Forever Gold™ Potentilla

Ht: 2-3 ft. Width: 2-3 ft.

A selection from the Cheyenne Experimental Station, this potentilla has an erect habit with leaves that are light green above and gray-green below. Pale yellow flowers open early with one of the longest and most profuse bloom periods of any potentilla. Full sun.

Zone 2

Prunus tenella - Dwarf Russian Almond

Ht: 3-5 ft. Width: 3-5 ft.

Attractive upright shrub with masses of single rose-pink flowers appearing in early spring followed by small disc-shaped fuzzy greenish fruit in fall ; narrow leaves are 1"-3" long. Can be aggressively suckering and would be useful for bank stabilization where there is irrigation. This is an excellent ornamental shrub for cold climates. Full sun.

Zone 2.

Prunus virginiana - Yellow Fruited Chokecherry

Ht: 15-20 ft. Width: 15-20 ft.

A green-leaved selection of chokecherry having bright yellow edible fruits in late July and August that give the plant the appearance of a second bloom. This large hardy shrub was first discovered in Wyoming and we rediscovered it at the USDA Experimental Station in Cheyenne. Full sun.

Zone 2

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