Our Specialties

Fallugia paradoxa - Apache Plume

Ht: 3-5 ft.  Width:  3-5 ft.

Attractive, fine textured western native shrub. Excellent choice for dry, sunny locations. White rose-like spring flowers followed by round, feathery silver-pink seed heads all summer. Though the foliage is semi-evergreen it is inconspicuous throughout the winter. Full sun.

Zone 3

Ribes odoratum 'Crandall' - Crandall Clove Currant

Ht: 4-6 ft.  Width: 4-6 ft.

Native shrub selection with yellow trumpet-shaped flowers. The flowers have a strong clove fragrance. Black 1/2"-3/4" fruits ripen in mid-July with a sweet spicy flavor. Light green tri-lobed foliage turns orange in fall. Selected in the late 1800's for its excellent fruit quality and still used today in commercial fruit production. Full sun.

Zone 4     

Amorpha canescens - Leadplant

Ht: 2-4 ft.  Width: 2-4 ft.

Showy 3"- 4" spikes of purple flowers appearing mid to late summer on this nitrogen fixing native shrub. Open habit with arching stems. Pinnately compound leaves have small oval gray-green leaflets. When in bloom, this is one of the most attractive western native plants. Tolerates dry soils. Full sun.

Zone 4

Acer grandidentatum - Bigtooth Maple

Ht: 30-40 ft. Width: 20-25 ft.

An outstanding slow-growing Rocky Mountain native. Small tree or large shrub with five-lobed, dark green leaves turning shades of yellow, orange or red in the fall. One of the few maples tolerant of both dry and alkaline soils. Great accent for a dryland garden. Full sun to part shade.

Zone 3

Cercocarpus intricatus - Littleleaf Mountain Mahogany

Ht: 3-5 ft. Width: 3-5 ft.

Closely related to Cercocarpus ledifolius but a more dense and rounded shrub with stiff intertwining branches. Very drought tolerant and slow growing. Native of the Southwest upland desert. Full sun.

Zone 4

Artemisia cana - Silver Sage

Ht: 2- 5 ft. Width: 2- 3 ft.

Small mounding shrub with stout, upright branches that may become gnarled with age. Leaves are 1"-3" long, slender and light gray in color. Yellow flowers appear in late summer. A Colorado native of mountain meadows. Full sun.

Zone 4

Artemisia tridentata - Tall Western Sage

Ht: 3-10 ft. Width: 3-6 ft.

Native to the Rocky Mountain region. Silver-gray aromatic foliage on dull gray branches. The bark becomes exfoliating as plant ages. Yellow flowers bloom in August. Tolerates dry conditions and poor soil. An interesting hardy accent plant. Full sun.

Zone 3

Artemisia frigida - Fringed Sage

Ht: 6-18 in. Width: 2-3 ft.

The silver-green aromatic leaves are evergreen and compliment the small yellow flowers that bloom in late August. Young plants are compact and may form a dense, soft mat. Cut back if plants become rangy. Full sun.

Zone 3

Ceratoides lanata - Winterfat

Ht: 1-4 ft. Width: 2-4 ft.

Native shrub with an upright branching habit. Woolly, blade-like foliage has a silvery gray-green color. Dark gray to red-brown stems provide a nice contrast to the leaves. White flowers having a green stripe appear intermittently through the summer, followed by cottony fruits on female plants. Prefers sandy, dry soils.  Full sun.

Zone 4

Chrysothamnus nauseosis nauseosis - Dwarf Baby Blue Rabbitbrush

Ht: 1-4 ft. Width: 2-4 ft.

Smaller, more compact form of rabbitbrush with a blue-gray leaf color and yellow flower clusters late summer into fall. Xeric. Full sun.

Zone 3

Chrysothamnus nauseosis albicaulis - Tall Blue Rabbitbrush

Ht: 4-6 ft. Width: 4-6 ft.

Bushy, semi-evergreen native shrub with thin silvery-blue leaves and showy golden-yellow flower clusters in fall. Tolerates poor soils and grows naturally in very dry sites. Becomes leggy if overwatered, possibly causing the stems to weaken and collapse during bloom. Vigorous re-seeder. Full sun.

Zone 3

Chamaebatiaria millefolium - Fernbush

Ht: 4-6 ft. Width: 4-6 ft.

Small gray-green pinnately compound foliage gives a fine texture to this delicately aromatic, drought tolerant plant. Small white flower clusters in upright panicles appear throughout the summer. Blooms late into fall. During severe winters, may die to snow line, but will quickly grow back. Full sun.

Zone 5

Forestiera neo-mexicana - New Mexican Privet

Ht: 8-12 ft.  Width: 8-12 ft.

Small yellow flowers appear before leaves, followed by 1/8" dark blue fruit in late July to August. The fruit is usually consumed by birds. Silky smooth blond bark adds interest when lower branches are removed to create a small multi-stemmed tree. Medium green foliage turns yellow for fall. Native to the southern Rocky Mountain region. A great aspen alternative. Full sun.

Zone 4

Holodiscus dumosus - Rock Spirea

Ht: 3-4 ft.  Width: 3-4 ft.

A Rocky Mountain native shrub with sprays of white to pink flowers in late June. The flowers dry to a russet color in fall and persist through the winter. The finely textured foliage turns reddish in the fall. The crushed leaves have a spicy odor. Tolerant of dry conditions. Full sun.

Zone 3

Cercocarpus ledifolius - Curl Leaf Mountain Mahogany

Ht: 10-20 ft. Width: 8-12 ft.

This drought tolerant large shrub or small tree has an upright growth habit and is native to the foothill regions of the West and Southwest. Lance-shaped leathery leaves are dark green in color with edges that curl under, giving this plant its common name. During most winters, the foliage is evergreen. Attractive, curled, fuzzy "seed tails" provide fall interest. Grows to 8,000'. Full sun.

Zone 4

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