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Growing Native Plants

Most of us know the adage “If we want something done right, we have to do it ourselves.” 

Propagating native plants of the American West is a perfect example of this old saying.  As with many regionally important plant species, it is often difficult – if not impossible – to find them in the nursery trade.  We cannot easily open up the nursery catalogs on our desks and order these plants, so if we want them, we have to grow them ourselves.

Here at Fort Collins Wholesale Nursery, we’ve made a commitment to providing a reliable source of hardy, drought tolerant western native plants.  In order to do this, we have to “do it ourselves” which means:

  • - We go on seed-collection “excursions” to locations near and far, sometimes helping us discover new plants
  • - We trade seeds with other plants-people to get harder to find plants, which can also help us find those great new varieties
  • - We utilize mycorrhizae in our growing media – which mimics a natural symbiotic relationship many wild plants benefit from for improved nutrient and water uptake
  • - We constantly fine-tune our container and field production techniques to learn how these “wild” plants can be “tamed” just enough to get them in the hands of avid plant lovers

Growing the native plants of the American West is never an easy challenge, but we are doing it to help gardeners and designers create a new adaptable, responsible, western-inspired landscape vocabulary.  We hope that you will see the value in this labor of love.

Growing Native Plants
Growing Native Plants
Growing Native Plants

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